Mobile Garden has implemented various projects all over the United States. We have created mobile gardens from the simplest to the most complex.

Here are just some samples of our best projects:

  1. Hanging Pots

We were able to create vertical gardens all over Las Vegas. One of the simplest projects that we had was creating vertical gardens with containers and drainage holes. We were able to grow all different types of gardens with these hanging pots. We grew vegetables and fruits, flowers, etc.

  1. Gutter Gardens

One of the projects that we took on is the transformation of old gutters into gardening spaces. We have put spaces in between gutter sections to enable the sun to reach the plants. We have also added drainage holes to enable the water to drip and prevent the plants from becoming waterlogged.

  1. Trellises

We have built mobile trellises to grow flowers and vegetables. The important thing to remember is to make sure that these trellises are placed near areas where sunlight can penetrate. The trellises must also be strong to ensure that they will be able to carry the weight of the plants, including fruits and flowers.

  1. Tray Gardens

It is possible to build different types of tray gardens. Mobile Garden was able to complete pallet trays and herb trays. It is vital to make sure that the wall in which the trays are attached to and the fasteners used are strong enough.

  1. Bottle Gardens

Do you know that it possible to recycle and repurpose old plastic soda bottles into bottle gardens? Mobile Gardens was able to build several of these by suspending the bottles on strings and hanging them on walls. Bottle gardens are great ways to create herb gardens for food and medicinal purposes.

Whatever mobile garden project you want, Mobile Garden can definitely help you build it.