Mobile Garden is a non-profit organization that aims to assist home owners create their own gardens specially in urban areas. We strongly believe that small, mobile and pocket gardens play a two-fold role:

  1. In the environment – A mobile garden, no matter how small, helps reduce carbon dioxide released into the air. If all households have their own pocket gardens, can you just imagine how much that will mean for the planet? At the same time, it helps promote environmental awareness and instills the instinct of environmental protection.
  2. In promoting health and well-being – Studies have shown that gardens are important in reducing stress levels and in encouraging people to avoid violence. Mobile gardens fill this role in urban areas which are mostly concrete jungles.

In line with this, we work with home owners, schools, office, and organizations in building and growing mobile gardens. We specialize in creating mobile gardens or vertical ones.

Mobile Garden started as a small organization of garden lovers in Las Vegas. We simply loved gardens and we liked pottering around and creating our own gardens. We saw the challenge that most people face in creating their own gardens in urban areas. As such, it is our vision to help people in this matter.

We offer different services in terms of creating mobile gardens. Our services cover the entire gamut of establishing a mobile garden which starts from planning; to determining what plants to use; sourcing soil, plants, planting implements, among others; to providing professional advice and plant care.

If you wish to take advantage of our service, just call us up and we will be happy to assist you. Please know that as a non-profit organization, our service is cost-effective as compared to other companies. At the same time, if you take advantage of our service, know that part of your payment will go towards building mobile gardens for schools in different parts of Nevada.