There is currently a new trend in mobile gardening that is taking the world by storm. This is referred to as bicycle gardening. And people are going crazy using old bicycles or bicycle tires to adapt to this trend.

Here are just some wonderful examples of this new trend that combines the recycling of old bikes and bike parts with the joy of gardening:

  1. Using the bicycle carrier box as a planter

Does your old bicycle have a carrier box at the front? You can use that as a planter. Simply check out its current condition. If it is still in a good condition, you simply have to line it up with scrap wood or an aluminum sheet, fill it up with soil and determine what kind of plants you’d like to plant in it.

  1. Creating a plant Mohawk

You can use your current bike as a planter and look really cool. Simply arm yourself with some cheesecloth, socks or burlap that you can attach to different parts of your bike such as the wheel. Just wrap these stuff on your bike, add pre-sprouted seeds such as grasses, wheat and barley. Then cover them up with another layer of cloth anchored with pins. As long as you keep the cloth wet, they will keep growing and you’ll find yourself having a bike Mohawk, upping up your ride’s cool factor.

  1. Creating a topiary bike

Do you have a bike that is currently not being used? If yes, you can transform it into a topiary bike to serve as a sort of installation in your garden or even your front yard. This is very easy to do. Simply wrap your bike with moss and plant short bulbs on it.

Are you now ready to create your own mobile bike garden? If you need any assistance, just contact us at Mobile Garden.