Creating My Own Garden

Do you want to create your own garden and make your house look more beautiful even on the outside? There are so many things we could so to spice up our home inside and outside and creating our own garden is one of these things. This instantly makes our home magnificent, refreshing in the eyes, and attractive. More importantly, if you love flowers and plants, creating your own garden will be one of the best things you could do to make you happy. 


When I first tried to plan for my own garden, I found it hard since I live alone in my new home after selling my old house for the Highest cash offer I could get. I search on a lot of things concerning gardening and found great information on the internet. There were new things I learned about and I found many gardening guides to be helpful. I learned more about the specific tools I need for to make my garden flourish. I also discovered what plants can fit best with the type of soil I have and the type of climate that covers the state I live in. The large space I have in my backyard allows me to have a bigger garden. However, I wasn’t able to maximize the space at first because I was worried that I won’t be able to successfully do it alone.  That was until my friend suggested I should get a professional help from an organization that provides services for gardening. I asked for The Mobile Garden’s assistance and I was really happy that they were able to accommodate me in just a short time.  


Because I was very confused and inexperienced with gardening or even starting my own, The Mobile Garden helped me start off with planning everything first. Everything I searched on the internet months ago was very helpful and so we started from there so as to not let my efforts go to waste. We were able to apply also the few ideas I got from my own researches and complement them with the additions suggested by The Mobile Garden. I was so happy that they were always there to give me suggestions to possibly improve further whatever I planned for this garden. They always give assistance to ensure that everything is growing well and according to our plans.  


A month after getting help from The Mobile Garden, I started to maintain and care for my own garden by myself. It wasn’t really easy at first since the garden we made was large for me to maintain alone but after a few weeks of working with it and practicing, searching about the right or wrong things to do when gardening, I got used to it. It was actually a fun thing to do and to be honest, I found a new hobby because of the garden I created with The Mobile Garden’s help. I’ve grown to love the garden I was so eager to build for a very long time. If you are fond of flowers and plants, I suggest you create a beautiful garden of your own as well whether it is by yourself or with The Mobile Garden. 


Starting out

A garden definitely brings a lot of joy and beauty to a home. In fact, studies have shown that a garden helps reduce stress levels, especially in children. This is because it gives off the feeling of calmness and peace.

However, for those living in urban areas and small spaces, growing a garden can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to go around it.

We offer the possibility of creating your own mobile garden. No matter the size of your home, or the size of the space that you have, we can help you create a mobile garden that will be the source of zen for you and your family. In fact, you can choose to have a small patch created in your kitchen, garden or even your glass garage door in Tucson.

The great thing about mobile gardens is the fact that you can move it from place to place. They are usually mounted on trolleys or wheelbarrows. They can even be placed beside walls or fences to enable the plants to climb upwards and become vertical gardens.

There are various benefits to growing your very own vertical gardens and here are just some of those:

  • Your mobile garden can serve as added insulation. They can shield parts of your home from the direct rays of the sun and keep your garage door cool especially during the summer months.
  • You can use your mobile garden to beautify unsightly part of your home such as that tall post that you never liked or that peeling paint on the side of your house.
  • Your mobile garden can be used to grow the spices that you need for your cooking or even your favorite fruits.
  • Pottering around your mobile garden can serve as a form of recreation for you and your family members.
  • A mobile garden can serve as an interesting conversation piece with your guests and neighbors.
  • Old and plastic materials can be repurposed in your mobile garden. For example, you can create your mobile garden from an old wheelbarrow or plants can be grown from old soda bottles.

Creating your own mobile garden

Planning is the first step in creating a mobile garden. Before buying any plants or thinking about where to put it or what kind of materials to use, it is important to determine what kind of plants you would like to grow. There are three main types of mobile gardens:


Creating Mobile Gardens from Old Bikes

There is currently a new trend in mobile gardening that is taking the world by storm. This is referred to as bicycle gardening. And people are going crazy using old bicycles or bicycle tires to adapt to this trend.

Here are just some wonderful examples of this new trend that combines the recycling of old bikes and bike parts with the joy of gardening:

  1. Using the bicycle carrier box as a planter

Does your old bicycle have a carrier box at the front? You can use that as a planter. Simply check out its current condition. If it is still in a good condition, you simply have to line it up with scrap wood or an aluminum sheet, fill it up with soil and determine what kind of plants you’d like to plant in it.

  1. Creating a plant Mohawk

You can use your current bike as a planter and look really cool. Simply arm yourself with some cheesecloth, socks or burlap that you can attach to different parts of your bike such as the wheel. Just wrap these stuff on your bike, add pre-sprouted seeds such as grasses, wheat and barley. Then cover them up with another layer of cloth anchored with pins. As long as you keep the cloth wet, they will keep growing and you’ll find yourself having a bike Mohawk, upping up your ride’s cool factor.

  1. Creating a topiary bike

Do you have a bike that is currently not being used? If yes, you can transform it into a topiary bike to serve as a sort of installation in your garden or even your front yard. This is very easy to do. Simply wrap your bike with moss and plant short bulbs on it.

Are you now ready to create your own mobile bike garden? If you need any assistance, just contact us at Mobile Garden.